Name Title Email
Michalopoulos,Harry Director
Landori, Lydia Assistant Director
Auer, MichelleCCBE
Barron, ThomasSIS
Becker, HessaCCBE
Black, SamuelSVIS
Boucher, AllisonSIS
Cardarelli, LisaCCBE
Cartier, PatriciaSIS
Cinq-Mars, KarineSVIS
Corral, JacquelineCCBE
Darwent, Rose AnneSIS
De Vries, JackCCBE
Del Giacco, LauraCCBE
Dennis, MichaelCCBE
Delle Donne, BiancaSIS
Dery, AmandaSIS
Diehl, RabeccaCCBE
Evangelista, ShannaSIS
Favard, JulienSIS
Fequet, JillSIS
Forgeard, DominiqueSIS
Gagné, ChristianeSIS
Giammario, Anna MariaCCBE
Grimaldi, VanessaSIS
Hausman, Chaya HindaCCBE
Herscovitch, RosabelCCBE
Horan, DorisCCBE
Kamateros, GeorgiaSVIS
Karpman, Erin JenniferSIS
Keane, MariaSIS
Lanthier, SuzanneCCBE
Legault, FranceSIS
Lo Bianco, LuisaCCBE
MacMillan, NicoleSIS
Mathiopoulos, JennyCCBE
Mignacci, SimonaCCBE
Morais, BrunoSIS
Newton, AmySIS
O’Connor, WilliamSVIS TeacherWO’
Olivenstein, DanielSIS
Panet-Raymond, LouiseSIS
Payne, ElisabethSIS
Campbell, Jennifer LynnSpecial Ed
Costanzo, SandraAcademic
Krawczuk, IreneMusic
Redding, TiffanyJob
TBCSchool SecretaryTBC
Cabacungan, BryanSocial Media & Graphic
Social Integration Services​ (SIS)​
This instructional service is designed for adults experiencing adjustment difficulties of a psychological, intellectual, social or physical nature.​
Socio Vocational Integration (SVI))

This instructional service is a response to the need to diversify the training offered to adults who wish to enter the labour market, remain employed or pursue an education.​

The C.A.R.E. Centre
We are a non-profit organization in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. We offer a recreational and educational day program for adults over the age of 21 with physical disabilities.